10 best places in content to use your keywords without stuffing

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[trx_dropcaps style=”1″]If you are writing content for your website, obviously you want that website and content to be shown to the audience you want to read that. All your readers will not search directly for your website and read your content until you have optimized it so whenever they try to search out the relevant queries (Keywords) on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and your website appear on the Top Results of Search Engines. So Here is a 10 best places in your content where you can write your potential keywords that will make your content even more effective to be appear in the Search Results. You can learn about If you are thinking about How to find out the Potential Keywords For Your Website. [/trx_dropcaps][trx_line style=”dashed” color=”#dd3333″]
[trx_list][trx_list_item]Titles The first element in The basic display style of Google Search Results are Titles of your website. Make sure your title contains your keyword for that web page and making it natural try to make combinations of the keywords that also represent the content on your page in 60 – 65 characters including spaces. If your keyword is of 3 words try to use 1 in a title. Do not stuff the keyword ever Google is intelligent enough to dislike what it forbids you. And you know very well what could happen if Google dislikes your website 😉 [/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]
[/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]URL Third important element that Google consider to display from your website on search results is the URL of your page, so make sure your URL is clean, short and contains a keyword. Create such URL that are easy to remember. [/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]Keywords Tag Keyword tag is just now obsolete by the Google. Because Google picks the keywords itself considering your overall structure of your content and analyze the symmetry of your content just to take on board the synonyms of your keywords as well, for a better user experience in the Google Search Results. [/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]
[/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]Paragraphs Use different combinations of your keywords in the very first paragraph of your content and use 2 to 3 keywords in a paragraph of 250 words. [/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]Images Names If you use the Keywords in the relevant images that you upload with your content on the website give you an extra benefit to be appear in the search results and the Google Image Search. Every link that Google Images Search creates form the images to your website is an extra bonus for your website and adds value to your rankings in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) [/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]Images Title & alt tags Images Title and Alt tags should contain relevant keywords of your content that make your images to be appear in the search results and Google Images Search[/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]
[/trx_list_item][trx_list_item]Social Media Descriptions If you use the Keywords in the descriptions of the social media posts, again Google traverse for all of your linked media and if it founds the relevant content, it makes Google Happy. And you know if Google is Happy what he gonna do, It will make your website appear on the top search results of the Google![/trx_list_item][/trx_list]


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