Ramadan 2018 Sunrise & Sunset Timings of Lahore


The Muslim holy month of Ramadan will begin either on the eve of May 16 or May 17, depending on the sighting of the Moon.

The first day of Ramadan is often observed on different days, contingent on the local visibility of the Moon. While Saudi Arabia and most Arab countries are expected to sight the Moon on May 15, Morocco, Iran and Pakistan may see it on the following day because they started the current lunar month one day later.

Date Islamic DateSunrise SunsetDay
May 17, 2018103:3106:54Thursday
May 18, 2018203:3106:54Friday
May 19, 2018303:3006:55Saturday
May 20, 2018403:2906:56Sunday
May 21, 2018503:2806:57Monday
May 22, 2018603:2706:57Tuesday
May 23, 2018703:2606:58Wednesday
May 24, 2018803:2606:58Thursday
May 25, 2018903:2506:59Friday
May 26, 20181003:2407:00Saturday
May 27, 20181103:2407:00Sunday
May 28, 20181203:2307:01Monday
May 29, 20181303:2207:02Tuesday
May 30, 20181403:2207:02Wednesday
May 31, 20181503:2107:03Thursday
June 1, 20181603:2107:03Friday
June 2, 20181703:2007:04Saturday
June 3, 20181803:2007:04Sunday
June 4, 20181903:2007:05Monday
June 5, 20182003:1907:05Tuesday
June 6, 20182103:1907:06Wednesday
June 7, 20182203:1907:06Thursday
June 8, 20182303:1807:07Friday
June 9, 20182403:1807:07Saturday
June 10, 20182503:1807:08Sunday
June 11, 20182603:1807:08Monday
June 12, 20182703:1807:09Tuesday
June 13, 20182803:1807:09Wednesday
June 14, 20182903:1807:09Thursday
June 15, 20183003:1807:10Friday